For New Holland Tractor Lovers

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For New Holland Tractor Lovers

Farmer Starter tractor mask for machine enthusiasts.

1 890 Ft
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Tractor mask

In addition to the power machines of Western world brands, you will also find MTZ Belarus and RÁBA STEIGER style masks!
Show me who you are and what tractor you drive!

The mask can be used for children, even from the age of 5, because we include a plastic adjustment knob next to the rubber straps, so the size can be adjusted perfectly!

Product material: skin-friendly polyester.
Under the mask, the face does not stuffy during use and when used correctly * the glasses do not get wet over it - so it is also suitable for studying and working.
The mask does not fluff!
The product is double-stitched and comes with a nose brace that allows you to adjust the mask to everyone's own face shape - up to hundreds of times.
The mask can be washed up to 65-90 degrees.
You can iron it at a low temperature, carefully, you can iron it from the inside, but in fact there is no need for ironing, as it is enough to hang it after washing.
In a tumble dryer, synthetic material can be programmed - but this is unnecessary as it dries quickly on its own.
Product designed and manufactured in Hungary.

* Usage: Smooth the mask on your face, shaping the stiffening strip on your nose. Place the glasses on top of the mask that also closely covers the nasal saddle to prevent the lenses from fogging up.

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