Hoof Boss Horse Hoof Trimming Set

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 Hoof Boss Horse Hoof Trimming Set
 Hoof Boss Horse Hoof Trimming Set
 Hoof Boss Horse Hoof Trimming Set
 Hoof Boss Horse Hoof Trimming Set
 Hoof Boss Horse Hoof Trimming Set
 Hoof Boss Horse Hoof Trimming Set

The Hoof Boss Standard Horse Nail and Hoof Care Kit is a useful kit for both horse owners and professional farriers. The device was designed by professional professionals in the United States to create the world-unique Hoof Boss brand and product line.

When designing the nail machines, the manufacturer kept in mind the goals of making even more emphasis on the care of the feet that determine the useful life of ungulates and pets and making nails simpler, easier and safer for everyone.


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After a little practice, the machine allows all farmers to clean and maintain their hooves safely, easily and quickly.

For professional users, the machine can reduce the number of tools used and make work faster and more convenient in some cases.

The ergonomically designed combination of shape, size, weight, speed and torque further improves the efficiency of the machine while reducing the fatigue of work and the risk of injury.

The trimming set can be chosen by everyone to suit their needs perfectly.

The machine with an electrical mains plug is recommended for users who have access to a wired power source. (Can be operated from 220V or used from a generator.)

The mobile battery pack is a version that can be operated from a 20 volt battery. ATTENTION! Battery and charger not included!

The Hoof Boss network and mobile kit includes a 4-tooth chain cutter adapter and a file adapter called Red Power Rasp.

The chain cutter adapter, which results in precise work, can be used to replace the use of hoof and hoof carving tools.

With the Red Power Rasp file adapter, the shear can be handled and gently but effectively corrected as desired. - And with the same red head, we can replace the work of a traditional fence.

Hoof Boss machines have a powerful motor that provides a safe, fast and smooth trimming experience.

Total contents of the sets:

  • Hoof Boss trimming machine with mobile or network connection
  • Carrying case
  • 2 adapters: chain and file
  • Adapter replacement heads
  • Sharpening tool for chain adapter
  • Adapter replacement key
  • Rubber strap
  • Goggles
  • Instructions
  • Videos for use


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